History of the Institution


On 7th April, 1932 - Started as ‘SERUM INSTITUTE’ at the Madras Veterinary College, Chennai.

 On 19th June, 1932 - Shifted to Labour Department Premises,Cook’s Road, Perambur, in Chennai

 In April, 1939 - Conferred with ‘Permanent Status’

 In April, 1942 - Shifted to Agriculture College, Coimbatore, as an emergency measure during   World War II

 In March, 1948 - Shifted to the present campus at RANIPET with an area of 129.5 acres

 In 1950 - The Institute was named as Veterinary Biological Research Institute   (V.B.R.I.)

 In 1954 - The Institute was renamed as the ‘Institute of Veterinary Preventive Medicine  (I.V.P.M)

 1969 - 73 - The Institute functioned under the control of The Director of Veterinary Education Research (DVER) & Dean, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai

 1932 - Production of Anti-Rinderpest Serum and Bull virus

 1937 - Production of anaculture vaccine and anti-serum against Hemorrhagic Septicemia

 1940 - Production of Black Quarter Vaccine and anti-serum Bovine Lymphangitis Vaccine, Fowl Cholera Vaccine, Fowl Pox Vaccine

 1948 - Establishment of Disease Investigation Wing - Cattle ,Sheep and Goats & Poultry

 1952 - Production of Goat Tissue Rinderpest Vaccine

 1954 - Production of Ranikhet Disease Vaccine

 1957 -Survey of incidence of Brucellosis in the State and Production of Vaccine (Live) and Antigens

 1960 - Production of Alum-Precipitated Vaccines for Hemorrhagic Septicemia & Black Quarter

 1961 - Production of Anthrax Spore Vaccine (Live)

 1962 - Establishment of Bacteriology, Pathology &  Bio-Chemistry Divisions

 1964 - Production of  Sheep Pox Vaccine

 1978 - Production of  Cell Culture Sheep Pox Vaccine

 1970-71 - Production of Tissue Culture Rinderpest Vaccine

 1972  - All India Co-ordinated Research Project   on Foot & Mouth Disease,REGIONAL CENTRE, RANIPET

 1976 - Production of Rabies Vaccine, Canine Distemper Vaccine,Marek’s Vaccine & Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine

 1978 - Production of PPLO Antigen and  Salmonella pullorum         Coloured  Antigen

 1980-81 - Production of Duck Plague Vaccine Cell Culture Fowl Pox Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Products

 1988 - Scheme for Construction of Anaerobic Vaccine Laboratory

 1998 - Scheme for improvement of the quality of Enterotoxaemia Vaccine by developing a Toxoid Vaccine

 1997 - Scheme for augmentation of Sheep Pox Vaccine production

 1999-2000 - Scheme for Manufacture of Injectables at Pharmaceuticals Division

 2004-05 - Modification to the Poultry Vaccines Production Laboratory to GMP Standard under ASCAD (Assistance to States for Control of Animal Diseases)