History of the Institution


On 7th April, 1932 - Started as ‘SERUM INSTITUTE’ at the Madras Veterinary College, Chennai.

 On 19th June, 1932 - Shifted to Labour Department Premises,Cook’s Road, Perambur, in Chennai

 In April, 1939 - Conferred with ‘Permanent Status’

 In April, 1942 - Shifted to Agriculture College, Coimbatore, as an emergency measure during   World War II

 In March, 1948 - Shifted to the present campus at RANIPET with an area of 129.5 acres

 In 1950 - The Institute was named as Veterinary Biological Research Institute   (V.B.R.I.)

 In 1954 - The Institute was renamed as the ‘Institute of Veterinary Preventive Medicine  (I.V.P.M)

 1969 - 73 - The Institute functioned under the control of The Director of Veterinary Education Research (DVER) & Dean, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai

 1932 - Production of Anti-Rinderpest Serum and Bull virus

 1937 - Production of anaculture vaccine and anti-serum against Hemorrhagic Septicemia

 1940 - Production of Black Quarter Vaccine and anti-serum Bovine Lymphangitis Vaccine, Fowl Cholera Vaccine, Fowl Pox Vaccine

 1948 - Establishment of Disease Investigation Wing - Cattle ,Sheep and Goats & Poultry

 1952 - Production of Goat Tissue Rinderpest Vaccine

 1954 - Production of Ranikhet Disease Vaccine

 1957 -Survey of incidence of Brucellosis in the State and Production of Vaccine (Live) and Antigens

 1960 - Production of Alum-Precipitated Vaccines for Hemorrhagic Septicemia & Black Quarter

 1961 - Production of Anthrax Spore Vaccine (Live)

 1962 - Establishment of Bacteriology, Pathology &  Bio-Chemistry Divisions

 1964 - Production of  Sheep Pox Vaccine

 1978 - Production of  Cell Culture Sheep Pox Vaccine

 1970-71 - Production of Tissue Culture Rinderpest Vaccine

 1972  - All India Co-ordinated Research Project   on Foot & Mouth Disease,REGIONAL CENTRE, RANIPET

 1976 - Production of Rabies Vaccine, Canine Distemper Vaccine,Marek’s Vaccine & Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine

 1978 - Production of PPLO Antigen and  Salmonella pullorum         Coloured  Antigen

 1980-81 - Production of Duck Plague Vaccine Cell Culture Fowl Pox Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Products

 1988 - Scheme for Construction of Anaerobic Vaccine Laboratory

 1998 - Scheme for improvement of the quality of Enterotoxaemia Vaccine by developing a Toxoid Vaccine

 1997 - Scheme for augmentation of Sheep Pox Vaccine production

 1999-2000 - Scheme for Manufacture of Injectables at Pharmaceuticals Division

 2004-05 - Modification to the Poultry Vaccines Production Laboratory to GMP Standard under ASCAD (Assistance to States for Control of Animal Diseases)

News and Events

Grand Validictory Function to Dr Thilagavathy, Research Officer was held on 29.09.2014 at "MGM - Virundhu Resort". Around 30 Veterinarians participated in the function. Dr Thilagavathu was felicitated for her dediacted work, administartive talent and her uncomparable decent and diplomatic behaviour.

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